Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gaff Point Hiking Trail

On Saturday I took a little excursion with fellow Photo Club member Teresa. Usually I only get to Hirtle's Beach a couple of times each year, but oddly enough this was my second visit in less than one week. But Teresa and I walked out to Gaff Point...something I have wanted to do since I discovered Hirtle's. The route is shown in the map below...the yellow strip is Hirtle's Beach, and the trail is marked in red and takes you around the point and back again.The scenery is stunning, and it takes two photographers 3 1/2 hours to walk the trail (keeping in mind that there is lots of stopping for photo opportunities!). First, you walk the beach:You can continue along the beach, or climb a grassy hill for a stunning view (we chose to climb the hill on the way out, and walk the beach on the way back). The treed area shown in the photo below is where the trail starts:A short walk through the forest:Brings you out to the heaths and grasslands: (this photo is looking back towards Hirtle's Beach)Impressive cliffs:Gaff Point is one of the last undeveloped headlands on the coast of Lunenburg County.Teresa (right) and I take a break for a portrait session...called set the camera and dash until Teresa brought out her remote (I left mine in the car....always doing that!)This chair was sitting out on a cliff at the mid point of the walk...prompting the thought...who would carry this thing for almost two hours? But the view is stunning.The walk back was a lot quieter than the walk out....I was thirsty (must remember water next time!) and concentrating on lifting my feet up high enough not to trip on the tree roots through the forest (harder to do than you might think after two hours of walking!) Back to the beach...made it!Looking forward to doing it again. A photographer's dream!


TeresaA said...

It was fun. And I slept well that night :)

Anonymous said...

Gaff Point! Thirst! Heath(Iwondered if you called it that?) Stunning views! Tree roots! Beach! Thanks for the memories Sarah< My photos are vastly inferior.