Thursday, March 11, 2010

how do you spell relief

I have been working non stop to put the 2010 Paws For Charity Art Book together, and giving myself a non stop headache. Totally stressed out about everything, and worrying about whether or not the participants will like the book. was time to head to the shore for some stress relief. Another lovely walk on the beach with John and "the girls". We had the beach to ourselves (it was a tad cold) and it was great. After our hour long walk, we took a drive out to the LaHave Islands. First we took a drive down Crescent Beach...yes, it's allowed. Even though you are permitted to drive on the beach, I always feel a little guilty about it. Not exactly environmentally friendly.The sky was lovely: Here is St John's Church on Bush Island, a very picturesque little church on the shore:And a couple of scenic shots of a cottage and fishing stage: All in all, a very good stress reliever.

The 2010 Paws For Charity Art Book gets uploaded on Friday (thanks to a friend who is loaning me her computer and her high speed access). I'll be ordering myself a copy to check that everything is okay, and then the book will be ready for ordering. I'm really pleased about the way it has turned out...and hope everyone else will be happy too!


{Simply} Heather T. said...

I'm happy to hear that you found some release for the stress...sounds like a wonderful refresher and your photos show that.

I am sure that we'll all be pleased with the book...just to be a part of something such as this pleases my heart, Sara ♥

nancy schutt said...

Thank you for the work you do! I am sure the artists will love the final book. Love your blog and it's emphasis on following one's dreams. Can't wait til I visit Nova Scotia, been on my list for years so will happen someday!

Moose said...

It will be fantastic! Looking forward to seeing 2010. Tail Wags to All.