Thursday, March 25, 2010

hanging windows

Last Friday afternoon I was home by myself while John was out galavanting. So, I wandered around outside with the dogs and decided it was time to hang some of my windows in the trees of our "island". We have a huge pile of rocks running halfway through our that were picked out by farmers many, many years ago. Our 78 year old neighbour remembers seeing the "old timers" out picking the rocks from the fields. Now the rocks have trees growing up around them, and in the spring lots of water gathers there.

I decided to mount a 2 x 4 board up between 2 trees and hang a window from the 2 x 4. Ha. Easier said than done. It took me 2 hours....two accomplish this by myself. First I had to go back to the shed to get the window. Another trip to get the 2 x 4, drill, chains and screws. Another trip because the chains I picked were too big to go through the attachments on the window. Another trip to get the regular screwdriver when I stripped the heads on the screws....and so on. I finally got the 2 x 4 mounted, and the window hung. Did I mention that it took me two hours?

Today John and I took the dogs out in the afternoon and the window...and the 2 x 4...were on the ground. Obviously my attempt to hang the window was not a good one. John removed the 2 x 4 and hung the window in a tree. You can't see it from the house, but you can see it when you're walking around "the island". This is the first window I ever made....many years ago. It used to have a bottom pane, with the stems of the flowers, but it got broken in our move to Nova Scotia. Our dog Mulligan is in the photo.John and I hung another window up on the weekend. This window is at the end of the "island", and the photo is taken from a bench we have placed nearby. This view is looking up the hayfield, back towards the house. If you look closely, you can see our other dog Cassie in this photo (but you have to look really hard!) This is one of the windows I made for my first "art show" last September. I didn't sell any of my 3 pieces, but it was fun to do nonetheless.

Good thing we have lots of trees. I can still get my glass fix making windows and have lots of places to hang them!


Jennifer said...

I imagine you're sick of me saying how fabulous I think your windows are. But I just love them.
They look beautiful hanging from the trees on your property.
You just hold on to them. I'll need to buy one from you when my Jon and I go for a holiday in NS!

Karen said...


Judy said...

I like it with one unglazed opening.It seems more magic. They both look great