Thursday, March 4, 2010

afternoon on the Fundy Shore

Yesterday we took a little day trip across the island to lunch and tour part of the Fundy Shore we hadn't yet seen.Our first stop was Annapolis Royal (#1 on the map above), a very charming old town with lots of colourful houses,and a lovely boardwalk along the waterfront. I was hoping to eat at Leo's Cafe, where they have scrumptious soups and sandwiches, but they were closed for the season. (so typical around here...many places close from October through April). We ate at a pub instead and the food was pretty good...not quite what I was imagining...but it was past two oclock so beggars can't be choosers.
After lunch, we continued north and headed to the Fundy Shore. According to information on a sign in Annapolis Royal:
"The floor of the bay of Fundy forms a natural funnel 140 miles long between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Here the sun and moons natural attraction sluices Atlantic water twice daily up the Annapolis River...approximately one foot every 15 minutes. The average daily flood and ebb of 26 feet leaves ocean going vessels high and dry on the mud flats."
Yes folks, you read that right, the tides go up and down 26 feet there....the highest tides in the world.
Our first stop on the fundy shore was Parker's Cove (#2 on the map above)...isn't this house colourful?But windy, windy, windy, and COLD! I think you would need a house that colourful to cheer you up on days like this. The next stop was Hampton Wharf (#3 on the map), where we let the dogs out for a break. John gets the dogsand I run around with my camera. Taking photos of iron moorings is a common thing for me.I like capturing different things in the background...sometimes scenery, sometimes boats. Sometimes I just like the colour of the rope, or the knot. I'm sure the fishermen around think I'm crazy.LOVED this tree...Further along the road (#4 on the map above) we pulled over to the side of the road in Port George. It was such a dismal day, I loved the way these floats on the side of a barn popped with colour.
The day was winding down, and we had an hour and a half drive home, so we headed back. A lovely little day of touring for a mad March day.


Anonymous said...

I love those floats too... the remind me of that orange/pink bait my father used to buy in a jar when he'd go fishing.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Great pictures. This is a similar route I took last summer when I left my friend's house in Annapolis Royal and drove to Berwick. I noticed that same house and stopped at that same wharf. Great minds, huh!

I'm ready for a road trip soon. March break is coming up for the kids....