Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sunshine = Beach

The last two weeks have been filled with physio at the hospital, exercising at home, and exercising at aquafitness to try to restore the mobility in my arm after my "shoulder manipulation" at the hospital. Combined with my Paws For Charity work, we haven't done much else.Today the sun shone, and we got ourselves out of our big rut, and headed to the shore. Seems that lots of other folks had the same idea...The beach was positively busy for this time of year! The dogs loved it and even got to run off leash most of the time. Even the snails got into the action...When the tide is out you can see these patterns all over the wet sand. Seems the snails like going round in circles...sometimes I feel the same way! We hardly ever get a photo of John and I together, so I snapped this one...arm outstretched:
And...another strange photo:The two of us with our new Blundstones...the most comfortable boots ever! I took several photos of our boots at the beach. Strange? No! You know why? I am going to win us a trip to Australia with my Blundstone photos (look out Rob and Andrea...we may get to visit you someday!)

John and I made a deal today. More visits to the beach!! Nothing restores the soul like a walk by the ocean.


Anonymous said...

oh, lucky you..and NO SNOW!!!!... *sigh*

Hope you're getting more range of motion in that shoulder too.

{Simply} Heather said...

I like your shots...and the trails from snails :) really got me.

I've not heard of the boots before, now I'm curious...

Hope you find yourselves down by the shore again soon...I imagine it to be very refreshing to the soul.

Judy said...

Are you on Risser's Beach?
Hope you win the photo prize... and especially hope your shoulder is feeling better soon.

Sara said...

Well, sadly, we still have lots of snow...just not at the beach.
Yes, Judy, this is Risser's Beach. Good eye!