Monday, February 1, 2010

Sheffield Mills Eagle Watch

Every year Sheffield Mills has an Eagle Watch...3 weekends of eagle watching, pancake breakfasts, and artists and information at the Community Hall. John and I went last year and saw hundreds of bald eagles. It was truly amazing.Local chicken farmers throw carcasses on the field to attract the eagles. And, of course, having so many eagles in one place attracts the crowds. Lots of photographers eagerly waiting for "the shot".This year G, DIL, and Miss M joined us but the eagles weren't cooperating when we were there. Maybe it was the cold (and was it COLD!!) but there were only a handful of eagles on Saturday. We eagle watched for a while, then drove over for a wonderful pancake breakfast in the hall. Back again to see more eagles, but we were still out of luck. No great photos to share this year. Below is a junvenile eagle and the photo has been cropped like crazy so it's very fuzzy, but the best I can do for you this year!
It was still worth the 2 hour drive over snow covered and snow blowing roads! And next year when we go we'll have these memories to talk about (cold, cold, cold, blowing snow!!)

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