Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Sharpie Story - Part 2

Last night we took a jaunt down to Liverpool (a one hour drive) to see "Music From The Heart"...a songwriter's circle featuring Lennie Gallant, Dave Gunning, Thom Swift and Steven Bowers. It was a great show, very relaxed and intimate. John and I had fourth row seats so we were nice and close. Some of you might remember my story about Lennie Gallant and a Sharpie back in August. (Lennie had wanted my black Sharpie after he signed my cd...but I wouldn't give it to him!)

Anyway, last night we bought another Lennie cd and John went to get it autographed after the show. John mentioned the Sharpie story and Lennie remembered exactly where it happened. (the Folk Harbour Festival in Lunenburg....he even remembered that it was at the dock stage) How embarrassing. Take a look at what he signed on our cd last night:"Hi Sara & John - Thank God I found a sharpie - Lennie Gallant" So now I'll forever be reminded about my Sharpie selfishness. We also bought a cd by Thom Swift, and had it signed. He didn't have his own Sharpie, so he used ours (we bring one with us to shows) and he kept it to sign cd's for other people. John waited till he was done signing and asked for it back.
Sorry Thom, but we wouldn't let Lennie have it, so you can't have it either!!


martha brown said...

I remembered your original sharpie story and I remember thinking that I would have done the same thing as you and then I cringed along with you..... In London, Ontario it's harder to come by Sharpies -- you have to show ID to buy one!!! (apparently they are trying to cut back on graffiti)

Anonymous said..., but I think I would have let him have the Sharpie. :-)

Happy Valentines Day! -

Moose said...

The sharpie saga continues!!!..I love it and am jealous of the fantastic music you heard that night. Happy Heart Day & Tail Wags to All.

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...too funny that he remembered about the sharpie...and so clearly! sounds like you had a great time to top off your story! xo, mickey