Wednesday, February 24, 2010


February 14, 1993 - February 19, 2010
We brought you home in April 1993, and we became a household of three...Sara, Cody, and Phantom.John was there too. He drove us to the pet store and listened as Cody picked the black cat instead of the orange one. Cody named you Phantom...he was only 5 (almost 6) but he loved Phantom of the Opera and thought your mask made you our Phantom.
Cute as a button, you even wormed your way into John's heart. Despite his allergies, and his grumbling, he knew you were part of the family.The four of us moved in together in 1994, and we welcomed Bailey into our family the next year.You joined us while we vacationed at our first rented cottage in Golden Lake, and found some interesting spots to spend your day.You and Bailey became fast friends,and then we added to the mix again...along came Cinder.You were great in the car. I used to take you to pick up Cody from school, and you'd sit beside me on the passenger seat. We took you with us on rented cottages with us and "the girls". One year, on the way to Cape Breton, we stopped to tour the Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick. It was too hot to leave you in the car, so we put you in a sports bag with your head poking out the top and you joined the dogs and us on our walk. Everyone pointed at us "Regardez le chat dans la sac" (excuse my french grammar)One year, when we packed up the cottage to leave in the middle of the night, we forgot you. But only for a few minutes!

You were never much of a mouser. Remember the mouse you brought me that had been caught in a trap? But you did catch a few...You would sit by your water dish and meow until John filled it up with fresh water...even if I had just filled it. But you didn't mind drinking from the pond.You and the dogs were always friends. Even when we added our third dog, Mulligan, you took it all in stride.You even protected them from a visiting dog, when the dog started to pick fights with our girls. You stood on your hind a bear...on the deck and hissed. The big protector. But most of the time you just liked to snooze in the sun...or on my lap.
You'd join us outside at the end of the day for a drink on the deck. Sometimes when we were out in the yard you'd let yourself out and leave the screen door open...and I'd yell at you for letting the bugs in.You were always there. My friend. My lap warmer. You welcomed people into the house. You always explored when there was something new going on. Seventeen years went by, Bailey died, Cassie joined us, then Cinder passed away.
You were always healthy, never sick. Until August when we took you to the vet and you were diagnosed with kidney failure. We were told it wouldn't be long...only a couple or few months. But I whispered in your ear...hang in there until you see Cody again...hang in there. You were his bud from when he was six......until now.Cody came home and you jumped on his lap and stayed there, with some brief moments for me. Last Friday came, and your systems shut down. We rushed you into the vet and they told us they could keep you alive through the weekend at their place on IV, but you only had a few days left. But you hated the vet and we didn't want to leave you there alone. So, it was all three of us with you at the end.
Today is the first day since then that I haven't had a commitment...nothing to take me out of the house. So I put on my comfy clothes and finally faced cleaning your space. For the past 17 years, when I couldn't face the world, you were there to sit on my lap and just be. But now my lap is empty. I miss you, my Pud.*
*(pronounced like pud in pudding).


aliceinparis said...

Oh Sara, what a beautiful and sad post:(
Phantom was quite the character. You must miss him desperately.How lovely that Cody and Pud got to be reunited for a wee bit. My heart goes out to you.
The first picture is wonderful.

Christine said...

I guess he listened to you and held on for Cody. What a trooper he was. Such a beautiful boy and a strong character. They come by once in a lifetime.
I am so sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

We love you Phantom.
See you on the other side.

martha brown said...

I'm so sorry, Sara -- and so happy that Phantom waited to see Cody :)

daysgoby said...

Oh, he was a lovely cat!

I'm so sorry, S - your house must seem very empty now.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

What a beautiful eulogy to a good friend. You have me crying.

Nancy said...

So sorry to read about Phantom. What a lovely tribute you've written. It illustrates how our pets become so much part of the family. He lived a long and obviously happy life with your family. Take care.

Moose said...

perrrrfect.....but the tears are streaming! A good life had by all.
Tail Wags Always,

Karen said...

So sorry to hear of Phantom's passing. They are truly family members. I got bad news about our 3.5 year old dog, Bailey yesterday... it appears she has cancer, will find out biopsy results Saturday... breaks your heart, doesn't it?

Loved your photos, what a nice life you gave him.

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...oh, sara. i am so sorry. i can not imagine how sad you must feel and cody too. what a blessing phantom has been...xo, mickey

Mary Dixon said...

Oh Sara,

you've got me all teary-eyed too. So sorry to hear about your sweet puddy. What a lovely and long life you loved him through, and what a wonderful tribute, and great photos. The first one is a beauty especially. I and my gang of critters send our condolences. Phantom looked like he had a lot of personality. So amazing about Cody coming home in time to see him.
Take care, see you soon I hope. ~M.

Judy said...

So sorry Sarah.
Thank-you for sharing the story of a wonderful friend.

FoundProdigalDaughter said...

so sorry to hear of your loss of such a close companion...what a handsome kitty he is. ***HUGS***

Jennifer said...

Oh, Sara. I've been away from reading blogs for so long and I missed this.

I'm so, so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the emptiness you feel with Phantom's passing. Know that you and your son have my sympathies.