Wednesday, February 24, 2010


February 14, 1993 - February 19, 2010
We brought you home in April 1993, and we became a household of three...Sara, Cody, and Phantom.John was there too. He drove us to the pet store and listened as Cody picked the black cat instead of the orange one. Cody named you Phantom...he was only 5 (almost 6) but he loved Phantom of the Opera and thought your mask made you our Phantom.
Cute as a button, you even wormed your way into John's heart. Despite his allergies, and his grumbling, he knew you were part of the family.The four of us moved in together in 1994, and we welcomed Bailey into our family the next year.You joined us while we vacationed at our first rented cottage in Golden Lake, and found some interesting spots to spend your day.You and Bailey became fast friends,and then we added to the mix again...along came Cinder.You were great in the car. I used to take you to pick up Cody from school, and you'd sit beside me on the passenger seat. We took you with us on rented cottages with us and "the girls". One year, on the way to Cape Breton, we stopped to tour the Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick. It was too hot to leave you in the car, so we put you in a sports bag with your head poking out the top and you joined the dogs and us on our walk. Everyone pointed at us "Regardez le chat dans la sac" (excuse my french grammar)One year, when we packed up the cottage to leave in the middle of the night, we forgot you. But only for a few minutes!

You were never much of a mouser. Remember the mouse you brought me that had been caught in a trap? But you did catch a few...You would sit by your water dish and meow until John filled it up with fresh water...even if I had just filled it. But you didn't mind drinking from the pond.You and the dogs were always friends. Even when we added our third dog, Mulligan, you took it all in stride.You even protected them from a visiting dog, when the dog started to pick fights with our girls. You stood on your hind a bear...on the deck and hissed. The big protector. But most of the time you just liked to snooze in the sun...or on my lap.
You'd join us outside at the end of the day for a drink on the deck. Sometimes when we were out in the yard you'd let yourself out and leave the screen door open...and I'd yell at you for letting the bugs in.You were always there. My friend. My lap warmer. You welcomed people into the house. You always explored when there was something new going on. Seventeen years went by, Bailey died, Cassie joined us, then Cinder passed away.
You were always healthy, never sick. Until August when we took you to the vet and you were diagnosed with kidney failure. We were told it wouldn't be long...only a couple or few months. But I whispered in your ear...hang in there until you see Cody again...hang in there. You were his bud from when he was six......until now.Cody came home and you jumped on his lap and stayed there, with some brief moments for me. Last Friday came, and your systems shut down. We rushed you into the vet and they told us they could keep you alive through the weekend at their place on IV, but you only had a few days left. But you hated the vet and we didn't want to leave you there alone. So, it was all three of us with you at the end.
Today is the first day since then that I haven't had a commitment...nothing to take me out of the house. So I put on my comfy clothes and finally faced cleaning your space. For the past 17 years, when I couldn't face the world, you were there to sit on my lap and just be. But now my lap is empty. I miss you, my Pud.*
*(pronounced like pud in pudding).

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And the week whizzed by

Last week whizzed by, and I have been moping around for the past 2 days. We had a great visit with Cody...shown here with our dog Mulligan and cat Phantom.We didn't do anything terribly exciting...we just had a great family week. We spent time with G & DIL & Miss M, we watched movies and the Olympics, Cody got some home cooked meals, home baked cookies, and got his clothes washed by his mom. ATV rides, and walks on the beach. G and DIL and Miss M took possession of their new home on the lake last Wednesday, so we joined them to celebrate.Here are Cody and Miss M playing in the 12 inch snowfall that we had to drive through to see the new house.Friday was an unexpectedly sad day, which I'll have to blog about later. On Saturday, we headed back to G & DIL's new place to help move and unpack some boxes. John headed back home on Saturday night to look after the dogs, and I stayed in Halifax with Cody at G & DIL's. Up at 4:30 am to take Cody to the airport, and then another full day of moving (hey, I can count it as a full day...8 am to 3 pm) until John picked me up and we headed home. Here is the whole crew (from left to right): me, Cody, John, G, DIL (in front) with Miss M. This photo was taken at G & DIL's empty new house.Thank you, thank you, to our kids...G, DIL, and Cody...for a wonderful week!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The best surprise ever

Some of you may remember me whining a while back about the fact that we haven't seen our son Cody for 14 months....not since December 2008.

Well....some people have been madly scheming behind our backs for a couple of weeks.

Much to my surprise...there was a knock on our front door this morning. I opened it up to see G, DIL, and Miss M....and Cody standing on our front porch. I immediately burst into tears and grabbed Cody in a big hug and wouldn't let go. Poor guy...I sobbed all over him.

I don't know how they managed it while keeping it a secret, but our 2 sons and DIL pulled it off and gave us the best surprise we could have asked for.

Now we have a one week visit from Cody. I can't believe how lucky I am. Truly. Happy.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Sharpie Story - Part 2

Last night we took a jaunt down to Liverpool (a one hour drive) to see "Music From The Heart"...a songwriter's circle featuring Lennie Gallant, Dave Gunning, Thom Swift and Steven Bowers. It was a great show, very relaxed and intimate. John and I had fourth row seats so we were nice and close. Some of you might remember my story about Lennie Gallant and a Sharpie back in August. (Lennie had wanted my black Sharpie after he signed my cd...but I wouldn't give it to him!)

Anyway, last night we bought another Lennie cd and John went to get it autographed after the show. John mentioned the Sharpie story and Lennie remembered exactly where it happened. (the Folk Harbour Festival in Lunenburg....he even remembered that it was at the dock stage) How embarrassing. Take a look at what he signed on our cd last night:"Hi Sara & John - Thank God I found a sharpie - Lennie Gallant" So now I'll forever be reminded about my Sharpie selfishness. We also bought a cd by Thom Swift, and had it signed. He didn't have his own Sharpie, so he used ours (we bring one with us to shows) and he kept it to sign cd's for other people. John waited till he was done signing and asked for it back.
Sorry Thom, but we wouldn't let Lennie have it, so you can't have it either!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sunshine = Beach

The last two weeks have been filled with physio at the hospital, exercising at home, and exercising at aquafitness to try to restore the mobility in my arm after my "shoulder manipulation" at the hospital. Combined with my Paws For Charity work, we haven't done much else.Today the sun shone, and we got ourselves out of our big rut, and headed to the shore. Seems that lots of other folks had the same idea...The beach was positively busy for this time of year! The dogs loved it and even got to run off leash most of the time. Even the snails got into the action...When the tide is out you can see these patterns all over the wet sand. Seems the snails like going round in circles...sometimes I feel the same way! We hardly ever get a photo of John and I together, so I snapped this one...arm outstretched:
And...another strange photo:The two of us with our new Blundstones...the most comfortable boots ever! I took several photos of our boots at the beach. Strange? No! You know why? I am going to win us a trip to Australia with my Blundstone photos (look out Rob and Andrea...we may get to visit you someday!)

John and I made a deal today. More visits to the beach!! Nothing restores the soul like a walk by the ocean.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

snow tracks

Whether it's a good day or bad day often depends on your point of view. Here is something interesting that John and I found on our Sunday afternoon walk.
Can you tell what it is?Rodent prints along the snow...stopped in mid track by our resident hawk. Are the long marks on the right from the hawk's tail feathers, or maybe it's claws?

I'm guessing the hawk thought it was a good day. Not so good for the rodent.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sheffield Mills Eagle Watch

Every year Sheffield Mills has an Eagle Watch...3 weekends of eagle watching, pancake breakfasts, and artists and information at the Community Hall. John and I went last year and saw hundreds of bald eagles. It was truly amazing.Local chicken farmers throw carcasses on the field to attract the eagles. And, of course, having so many eagles in one place attracts the crowds. Lots of photographers eagerly waiting for "the shot".This year G, DIL, and Miss M joined us but the eagles weren't cooperating when we were there. Maybe it was the cold (and was it COLD!!) but there were only a handful of eagles on Saturday. We eagle watched for a while, then drove over for a wonderful pancake breakfast in the hall. Back again to see more eagles, but we were still out of luck. No great photos to share this year. Below is a junvenile eagle and the photo has been cropped like crazy so it's very fuzzy, but the best I can do for you this year!
It was still worth the 2 hour drive over snow covered and snow blowing roads! And next year when we go we'll have these memories to talk about (cold, cold, cold, blowing snow!!)