Friday, January 15, 2010

Turning a day from grey to colour

Another dull and dreary day around here, but it was time to get out and about. After a stop for an errand in Bridgewater, we decided to hit the road for a little trip around the Aspotogan Penninsula. We pulled over at Western Shore to snap a photo of this snowman: I did warn you that it was dull and dreary out! We stopped in Blandford for lunch at a little place we hadn't noticed when we were through there before. We did debate for a minute about whether to try it or not. The Deck is a combination variety store, post office, lotto ticket place, and diner. Well, we decided to try it and we were both glad we did. It was charming the way that these places tend to be. All the food was homemade (the chilli with homemade bread was great!) and after staring at the "specials" board all through lunch, John decided he had to try a piece of home made peanut butter pie. I snuck a bite (honest, only one bite!) and it was sinfully, decadently delicious.

The diner was filled with lots of interesting things to look at (someone likes cows), and the ceiling was filled with tea towels from around the world. We asked about them...apparently some tourists bring the tea towels with them when they visit, and some people mail them to the owners once they return home. Cool!

After giving the dogs a quick outside break (yes, we always have them with us) we were on the road again. And despite the dull and dreary day, we did find some colour in Northwest Cove:

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