Sunday, January 17, 2010


A fellow blogger, Karen from This Old House... tagged me to play Lucky Chinese Tag. So I'll give it a go because I really have no inspiration of my own for a blog post today.

8 TV shows I watch:
This would depend on if I'm watching TV with John (then it's news or sports) or by myself:
1. Masterpiece Classics
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Criminal Minds
4. 60 Minutes
edited Jan 18th to add: John says I have lied by omission, so I must add:
5. any real estate show (House Hunters; Location, Location, etc) especially based in England and any garden makeover show on HGTV

8 favorite places to eat and drink: (in no particular order)
I must say that I'm a pub and diner kind of fine dining for me!
1. the branch - Kemptville, Ontario
2. Large Marge - Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
3. Fredie's - Tantallon, Nova Scotia
4. Wes' French Fry Truck - Arnprior, Ontario
5. LaHave Bakery - LaHave, Nova Scotia
6. a drink on the deck in the summer at The Rope Loft - Chester, Nova Scotia
7. a picnic at the beach (any beach)

8 things I look forward to
1. spending my days with John
2. a visit from Cody
3. coffee on the deck in the warm morning sunshine of spring & summer
4. having the unpainted rooms in the house painted
5. walking on the beach
6. coffee/lunching with friends
7. having all our music on the ipod
8. seeing G,DIL, and Miss M settled in their new home (and visiting them at the lake)

8 things that happened yesterday
1. I missed my morning and afternoon walks with the dogs
2. we drove to Halifax
3. I packed many, many boxes to help someone prepare for a move
4. I wiped my dog's bum (never thought I'd do that!)
5. I saw my granddaughter
6. I thought about my son and how his date went on Friday night
7. I ate too much
8. I fell into bed exhausted

8 things I love about winter
1. walking through the woods with the dogs to get the paper
2. it makes me appreciate the very hot days of summer
3. I get time to work on some indoor projects
4, it's the time of year I get to eat stews, chilli, pastas, etc
5. spring is on the way
6. we get to use the wood stove
7. no ticks
8. running out of ideas here!

8 things on my wish list
Aside from health and happiness for everyone...
1. seeing my son (haven't seen him since Dec 2008)
2. an acting job for Cody
3. visiting Cape Breton
4. a barn
5. brand new books (nothing like a new book! I usually go to the library or buy used)
6. to raise more funds for charity than I did last year
7. a world without ticks, blackflies, and mosquitoes
8. seeing my grandkids grow up to be kind, generous, loving, and happy with themselves

8 words I use often
1. Holy Moly
2. Really?
3. Good Girl!
4. No Cassie!
5. Maybe later

8 things I have learned from the past
1. Dream big.
2. Never say never
3. Every generation says "I can't believe I said that...I sound just like my mother/father"
4. not everyone does what they say they will do
5. don't put anything in writing that you don't want other people to see
6. home made cookies make the house smell good
7. praise instead of criticize
8. helping others makes me feel good

8 things I want/need
this sounds corny - but I have everything I want and need (except maybe a visit from Cody! Have I mentioned that before?)

8 people I'm tagging for this post (no eye rolling!)
Julia from Lineanongrata
Sandy from Aging Disgracefully
Linda from The 7th Decade
Nancy from Happy Little Fish
Shelagh from Alice in Paris
Jennifer from In The Meantime
I think other people I "know" have been tagged already!


Anonymous said...

Well done! and 60 minutes has always been one of my's been around so long I remember listing to the ticking sound in my grandmother's Den, where we watched TV and then pulled out the sleep sofa to go to bed. And I love Andy Rooney.. his books too!

Regarding new books.. one of my family's favorite weekend winter trips is to the bookstore, where each is allowed two new books..we spend HOURS perusing.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Thanks Sara. I love your "world without ticks, black flies and mosquitoes". I can second that one.

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...great list and i'm with you on the visit to cape breton...absolutely gorgeous place! xo, mickey

Anonymous said...

I hope you both weren't too sore from all of your hard work. It is very much appreciated!
Painter is coming Thursday so I've been spending some time moving things out of the way and filling holes.
Thank you again for all of the hard work. I hope you didn't refreeze your shoulder!
Don't know what we'd do without you two...don't ever want to have to know.
Love you both!