Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home

"A house is built of boards and beams,
A home is built with love and dreams."
This is one of the Christmas gifts I created...I have done several paintings of homes in the past but this is my favourite one so far. Here is the photo I worked from:


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! You have made me cry several times with your thoughtful handmade gifts. This year was no exception....totally unexpected. In fact I said to G we'll have to ask you for a new one (when we decided to move again; also unexpected).
For you bloggers that don't know....S has painted us a picture of each home we have owned. They are gorgeous and are the crowning glory of the rooms they have adorned. Very special and very cherished.
Thank you again.
Much love,
G, DIL and Miss M.

Anonymous said...

These kind of gifts are the best by far.. great rendering!

I'm trying to figure out how to talk M into driving to NS with me so that we can come home with a *window*

Moose said...

Sara... that is simply beautiful! I love the frame too. Those are easier to ship than a window.
Tail Wags to All.

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...lovely rendition. i love that saying about what truly makes a home...so much wisdom in such a simple phrase. i love my calendar by the way and pour over the pictures over and over...gorgeous! xo, mickey

julia said...

It's beautiful and I love the rhyme you accompanied it with.
Happy new Year.

Jennifer said...

That is fabulous! Is there anything you can't do?