Thursday, January 21, 2010

Doctors, hospitals and sheep

One thing that most Nova Scotians complain about is the health system. Compared to Ontario, we have found the health system in Nova Scotia to be wonderful. As long as you're willing to drive to various parts of the province, you can pretty much get in for special tests and procedures relatively quickly (certainly months sooner than we would have back in Ontario). And I'm talking from experience here...since we moved here both John and I have spent countless hours in doctor's offices and hospitals.

Today we drove across the province...straight the Fundy side to visit a specialist to get my MRI results back. Seems my frozen shoulder is finished, but the reason I can't move my left arm is because of scarring tissue. And...the cure for that is day surgery. My appointment is already booked and I'll be heading to the Bridgewater hospital next Thursday (how's that for quick service??). As far as I know, it's not actually surgery (fingers crossed) but I'll be put under and the doctor will yank my arm all around to break through the scarred tissue. Then I will require "extensive physio". Oh yay.

While I was visiting the doctor I mentioned that I have a painful hip and knees too. So xrays were ordered (already done) and depending on the results he may "do some work" on my hip while I'm under. He thinks I have bursitis.

The world may be falling apart, but for sure I seem to be!

To cheer myself up, we stopped on the way home so I could take some photos of the neighbourhood sheep. Then I had John stop as soon as we pulled into our driveway and the dogs and I hopped out to take the 1/2 mile walk up (they ran after the car, I walked with my camera). Nothing like a sunny and mild winter day to make you feel lucky to be alive! (even if you are falling apart)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I hear you with the aches and pains... and what lovely pictures of the sheep!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said... sorry about all you aches and pains...that is no fun and sure makes things difficult, but you have such a happy spirit which i am sure is somewhat attributable to your beautiful the sheep...makes me want to go and wrap my arms around one of them! too cute! xo,mickey