Thursday, January 7, 2010

Business + Pleasure

Today we headed down to Yarmouth...our first time there!...on a little business. You see, in December 2008 I acquired a frozen shoulder. Before that time, I had never heard of such a thing. December 2008 was decidely painful and uncomfortable, with lots of tears. In January 2009 I was diagnosed with the frozen shoulder and sent for several weeks of physiotherapy. I was "let go" from the treatment program...they told me the physio was making it worse! Thankfully, the pain went away and over time I did get back some mobility in my left arm. I can now lift it above my head, but still cannot lift it up and out to the side. It has taken this long to get an MRI appointment...and only because we agreed to drive to Yarmouth for the MRI.Our trip is outlined in pink. We live just north of Bridgewater, and drove along the south shore to Yarmouth. We had a nice (but rushed) lunch at a pub on the waterfront (note to self: must go back for a leisurely summertime lunch) and then went to the hospital for the MRI. I didn't think I was nervous about the whole thing, but spent much of the time in the tube trying not to hyperventilate. One hour later it was over and we headed up around the southern tip of Nova Scotia along part of the coast we had never visited before. I apologize for this....maybe it was the time of the year...but that part of NS just didn't do much for me. We stopped in Cape St. Marys for a couple of quick photos:
We also stopped in Weymouth...I visited Canada's oldest general store (or so they claim) while John took the dogs for a quick jaunt (yes, we take the dogs with us everywhere!).
I thought the trip home would be a longer drive, but it was actually 10 kilometers shorter. And...I got to drive through one of my favourite spots on the way back...Bear River! I have a mild love affair with that place. Loved it the first time I saw it, and still do.
All in all, a good day!


Moose said...

Weymouth, wow!...been there and sea kayaked around the bay (pretty much circumnavigated it), unfortunately it rained straight for 10 days so my memories are not very bright about that trip!!! I try to forget it actually, I do remember our guide, Hanford, he made us Bannock ALOT....
Tail Wags and a full shoulder recovery.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you took the dogs too! Ha...that would have added interest to my weird dream about yesterday's adventures.
I hope they UNfeeeze you soon.

martha brown said...

One June, when my daughter was 6, we spent a whole day in Yarmouth. My mom needed to be at an auction at 9 am to bid on some furniture for the empty house. We wandered around town all day. We watched the ferry come in (maybe 10 minutes of interesting), we visited the firefighters museum (it interested her for maybe a half an hour), got her hair cut and then hung out at the library -- until 5 or 6 pm. It is 18 years later and we still consider Yarmouth to be the most boring place on earth, lol. I think that we need to do a mother and daughter trip back there soon to rediscover Yarmouth! (the auction rocked -- she filled the van to the gills)

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry your shoulder has been giving you so much pain. It's hard to lift a grandbaby with a frozen shoulder! I hope the situation gets resolved soon.