Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flowers in December

December 1st and we still have flowers blooming in the garden! Never in my middle aged life have I experienced this. (yes, I still define myself as middle aged even though it will be a miracle if I double my current age!) This is Canada, folks, and flowers do not usually survive beyond a September frost.
So, even though it's dull and gloomy outside, I can still capture a brief glimpse of summer.
It's December! The countdown to Christmas begins.


Jennifer said...

What a wonderful surprise to have that splash of color in the garden in December!

Flowers said...

Nice blog. Love the flower blooming that is what I miss about living in California...flowers blooming in December.

Moose said...

Jealous is how we are feeling here in Colorado...no flowers blooming outside for us:(!
Tail Wags to All.