Monday, December 14, 2009

Eileen's Shortbreads

Christmas lights in North Halifax

Today has been saved for baking a batch of Eileen's Shortbread Cookies. Eileen was my mother-in-law...the dearest, sweetest woman ever. She used to make amazing shortbread cookies for us every Christmas. One year, when she was visiting us for Christmas, I was sent out to the grocery store with a list of ingredients. (it's a very short list). I came back with a tub of margarine and a bag of regular sugar, and was promptly sent back to the store. I was to buy margarine squares and berry sugar. What makes this so funny is that Eileen never complained about anything. But those shortbread ingredients were important enough for her to ask very nicely if I would go back and make some substitutions with my shopping list.

She's not with us anymore, and now I make her shortbread cookies...with margarine squares and berry sugar. Some traditions cannot be forgotten.


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I love shortbread -- too much! But then, I love all Xmas goodies too much.

Are you around next week. I think I'm off and a few of us want to go into Mahone Bay to The Biscuit Eater. I'd like to invite you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, they sound wonderful.. and I've never heard of either ingredient... Berry sugar?..

Anonymous said...

I miss Gramma E. or Great Gramma to Miss M.
She was a super lady!
We're looking forward to the shortbreads w magarine squares and berry sugar : )