Tuesday, December 8, 2009


One of the beautiful homes in Kingsburg.
Today was a glorious sunny day...cold, and the ground is still covered in snow, but still beautiful.
I was off on my own to run several errands. One such errand was to bottle 2 batches of wine. Technically speaking, it is illegal in Nova Scotia for stores to sell wine where you bottle on site, but we managed to find a place (it is a legal activity in Ontario, where we moved from). Bottling your own wine is not for the connoisseur, but at $3 per bottle it's my kind of wine.
So...this is the first time that I have ordered two batches. And this is the first time that I've had to bottle them on my own. Carry 5 cartons into the store...rinse 60 bottles...fill 60 bottles...cork 60 bottles...and carry filled cartons (with the help of a cart) back to the car. All this done in the record time of 50 minutes. What a pro!
A man was coming into the store as I was leaving with 3 of the cartons. "Are you in the wine selling business?" he asks. "No, I just drink it", I answer. He says, "Well, I guess if you've got some friends they can help you".
I didn't tell him I manage just fine on my own... Or that I had 2 more cartons still to bring to the car.


aliceinparis said...

There's a place in Bayers Lake where you can bottle your own. I should do it more often. So much cheaper.
What a house!

Anonymous said...

LOL... have you ever tried "Bohemian Highway"? It's my new favorite.

Judy said...

A-h-h. Kingsburg! We loved to park aand just wander up through town, Are the sheep still there?
We saw our first and only pair of ruddy turnstones there down on the rocky part of the shore.Enjoy your wine. I drink your tales of Nova Scotia... and become giddy