Monday, November 30, 2009

You're no bunny till some bunny loves you

Do you realize that Christmas is a mere 25 days away? I am trying to give hand made gifts again this year. Not all of them are made by me, but they are all hand made with love by talented artisans.This bunny was created by a blogger friend Jennifer and will be given to our youngest granddaughter, who will be turning 3 months old in a few days. Bunny has traveled from Nebraska to Nova Scotia, and will be moving on to Ontario soon.

The bunny is adorable, Jennifer, and I'm sure she will be well loved...just like our granddaughter!

(Added on Dec 1st: Whoops! Forgot to mention that this photo is courtesy of Jennifer. I edited the photo with Photoshop to liquify the background)


Anonymous said...

Love the bunny...and my calendars, that just came today!! Thank you :-)

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

love the bunny too and i really like the picture you took of it with the dappled sunlight...and i can't wait to get my calendar! xo, mickey

Jennifer said...

*crosses fingers*
I hope your granddaughter likes it!
I love that the little bunny is an international traveler...