Monday, October 19, 2009


The current challenge on my photo club blog is "minimalism", hence the photos on my blog today.

My life however, is not feeling minimalist. Lots on the mind. To do, to do. Things running through my head that don't need to be there. Retired should mean peace of mind. But my brain is full at the moment. Round and round.Some big things, some little things.
One great thing going on....I have a new computer! A tich on the frustrating scale trying to find everything in their new places, but all in all it's wonderful!! You should see my monitor...24 four inches wide! My first tv wasn't that big. Even my average photos look wonderful on this monitor.
Maybe I'll cruise through some photos to put all those "to do's" away for a while.

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Linda said...

Oh, Sara, I'm hoping you're looking at a Mac!