Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Salvage Yard

John was off to the St. Mary's football game on Saturday with his son and granddaughter. I spent the day with the photo club. We had a great day, with 3 photo stops and then capped off the day with supper in New Germany.Our first stop was a salvage yard, inspired by a recent photo club talk by photographer Stephen Patterson. Stephen gave a very inspiring presentation. His basic message was to look at everyday things differently. He had a lot of nature and scenic photos to show us. But he was also fascinated with rust spots, paint spots, etc. Sort of a modern art type of exercise. So here are a couple of photos that I took keeping those lessons in mind.I quite like the composition of the blue photobut I think it would take a while for this type of photography to really grab me.

All in all it was a fantastic day. Any day spent with camera in hand is a good day!

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Jennifer said...

There is an abandoned factory near my house that looks like an interesting place to play with my camera. I've been thinking about trespassing to see if I can get any good shots like the ones you got here.