Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A bit of fun

Here is a window I created earlier this it's new home in Ontario.

Speaking of windows, the Second Story Women's Centre Art Show is only for 4 more days...tomorrow through Sunday. Unfortunately, none of my pieces (2 windows and a small acrylic painting) have sold :( Oh well, I know just where to hang them when I bring them home!

And...speaking of art...Shelagh Duffet is having a fun giveaway. Hop over to her blog to read about it. You'll want to join in the fun.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Salvage Yard

John was off to the St. Mary's football game on Saturday with his son and granddaughter. I spent the day with the photo club. We had a great day, with 3 photo stops and then capped off the day with supper in New Germany.Our first stop was a salvage yard, inspired by a recent photo club talk by photographer Stephen Patterson. Stephen gave a very inspiring presentation. His basic message was to look at everyday things differently. He had a lot of nature and scenic photos to show us. But he was also fascinated with rust spots, paint spots, etc. Sort of a modern art type of exercise. So here are a couple of photos that I took keeping those lessons in mind.I quite like the composition of the blue photobut I think it would take a while for this type of photography to really grab me.

All in all it was a fantastic day. Any day spent with camera in hand is a good day!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

West Berlin Wharf

I love old buildings and fishing boats, so visiting a wharf is lots of fun...especially with camera in hand. I stopped at the West Berlin Wharf as part of my solo excursion on Sunday.It was deserted, which was a bonus for me. I got to prowl around to my heart's content. I think it must say something about me that I don't like people in my photos! (family photos excluded)
Fishing buoys and wooden shakes...nothing more east coast than that!My photo club is going on a field trip on Saturday. One of the stops will be an auto salvage yard. I won't miss that! Lots of lovely rusty junk to photograph.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sara's Excellent Adventure

Yesterday I worked all day at the Second Story Women's Centre Gallery...6 hours and only 12 people dropped by:( But there is always a good side to everything. Shelagh dropped by with her mom. I met Shelagh through blogging shortly after we moved to Nova Scotia, and lunched with her a couple of months ago. She's such a talented artist herself...I was glad she made it to the show.

Today I headed out on my own...a very rare occurance! I left John and his son G finishing off the guinea coop expansion (photos coming soon) and I headed out to the craft show at Beach Meadows. I have now officially started my Christmas shopping! After stashing my goodies in the trunk, I headed out down the road to do some sight seeing. First stop was the wharf at West Berlin, which was deserted. (photos coming soon)

Then I headed towards Port Medway, saw an interesting sign and headed down a road that we've not been on before...out to Long Cove. How could I resist continuing the drive after seeing this sign?Welcome to Lookout Point
1/2 mile to Long Cove NS Scenic Photograft Country
Come visit Elinors Museum & Book Store
The old DIS & DAT Shop & Frame Shop
transplants & Gifts & Shells
Lobster Traps (Hostel for Rent) Bouys
Open Daily 10 - 7 pm
Thank You Elinor
Here is Elinor standing at the door to her gift shop.She is 77 years old, and the most amazing woman. She has a museum in a seperate building, and has published a book about her early life and the Long Cove area. (an impressive one inch thick professionally published for $20) She has also put a book together of all the houses in Port Medway, with historical photos as well as "today" photos, and records of the original and current owners. Amazing. Here is Elinor's hostel, which she rents by the night or weekend:For Rent $30 for the weekend, $20 per night. Use of boat and fireplace and wood.
The bedroom:The kitchen: The view is stunning, but I'm not sure about the bathroom? A little too open-air for me.(yes, that's a composting toilet in the above photo, complete with reading material on the ground beside it)
It was very charming, and a very unusual find! Elinor's shop and museum are only open for 2 more weeks this year, and I'm hoping to get back before she closes for the season.No, I will not be renting her hostel...but I would like to purchase one of her books! (Dis Is How It Was by Elinor Selig Roberts, published 2006)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tin Pan

Last week we took a little trip to the Fundy side of Nova Scotia and had lunch at the Tin Pan in Port Williams.
A teeny little restaurant full of great things to look at and great food to eat. Lots of bakery goodies to take home too!All the tables have a plastic cover over the table cloths, and people put their business cards, ticket stubs from events, and drawings under the plastic. Lots of interesting reading when you're waiting for your freshly prepared meal. (no fast food here, thank goodness!) If you look close, you can find our card.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Art Show & Sale

I worked at the 2nd Annual Second Story Women's Centre Art Show and Sale in Lunenburg (whew, what a mouthful!) on Thursday. I snapped a few photos but the photos don't show off the displays very well. They did an excellent job laying out all the artwork. 36 artists contributed to the show! Of course, I had to take a photo showing my "window art" being displayed:There is artwork of all kinds...paintings:and woven fabric art, photographs, jewelry, leather scuptures, wooden sculptures, collages, etc. This is Maureen Simpson:Maureen and I worked the gallery together on Thursday...opening day. She is a wood turner, and has only been turning for one year. The two bowls in the display cabinet and the "woodsicles" hanging at the top of the photo are Maureen's work. If you want one of the bowls...too late! They have both been sold. She doesn't have a website, but you can reach her at

It was fun working with Maureen. My next shift is Saturday September 19th...10 to 4.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A 3 Beach Day

After a quick errand in Bridgewater yesterday, we decided to take "the girls" to the beach. Our first thought was to go to Rissers Beach, but that falls into the category of regular routine, so we decided to take a jaunt to Carter's Beach.One of the truly difficult decisions we have to make when living on the South Shore of Nova Scotia is what beach to walk. There are so many choices, and so much beauty. Life is tough around here, let me tell you.I'm not sure who enjoys it the dogs.The tide was high while we were at Carter's Beach, but it's still absolutely stunning. White sands and beautiful water. No sand dollars to be found on this visit though. We hopped back in the car, dined on fish and chips in Port Mouton, then stopped just down the road at Summerville Centre's beach, Here is the boardwalk that takes you to the beach: A view from the boardwalk, down to the water:
And looking towards the village of Summerside Centre:The beach is just as long (and beautiful) in the other direction. No swimming this time for the girls...but a lovely long walk. We hopped back in the car and made our way to Liverpool. We took a quick detour to see Western Head, where we've never stopped before. We've heard that this is a great spot for surfing (not that we were planning to do any surfing!). But the causeway was closed (a casualty of Hurricane Bill) so we didn't see much. That will have to wait for another day. East of Liverpool, we stopped at another stunning beach...Beach Meadows.The sun was lower in the sky by now, and the tide was out:We donned our fleeces for this walk. It was windy, and the sound of the waves was wonderful. What a glorious afternoon!And I'll tell you a secret...we could have visited at least four more beaches on the way home! Are we lucky or what?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Art Show starts tomorrow

The second annual Second Story Women's Centre art show and sale kicks off tomorrow at noon...and I'll be there working. Please drop by and take a look. Don't forget to introduce yourself!

Location: Old Post Office Centre, 117 Pelham Street, Lunenburg
Time: 12 - 4pm

The official opening is Sunday Sept 13th from 2 - 4 pm.
The show runs from tomorrow until October 4th.... Thurs, Fri, and Sun 12 - 4, Saturdays 10 - 4.

I'll try to get some photos of the gallery when I'm working tomorrow.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labour Day Weekend

What a beautiful weekend! A warm and sunny Saturday had us heading to the beach with Miss M. Risser's Beach is perfect for kids of all ages. A very long beach (that we usually walk the dogs along), and sandy, with a gradual slope into the ocean. Only one of us was brave enough (or silly enough) to take a complete dip.I'll let you guess who. Brrrr!And only one of us was brave enough (or silly enough) to get buried in the sand... Some creative diggingThe day ended with a stop for ice cream in Petite Riviere, and then home to find Miss M's mom waiting for us. One of John's famous late dinners meant we got to watch the moon rise...and Miss M had fun with some glow sticks...Sunday was another great day, but much cooler. DIL, Miss M, John and I headed out to Lunenburg Winery for some blueberry picking (and some blueberry wine to take home!).Although some people (who shall remain nameless) eat as many blueberries as they pick!

Another wonderful bbq (a tad earlier than the night before), and a girl's movie night in our jammies.

Today was quite relaxing...morning coffee on the deck, a little gardening, a few little walks around the "paths", and if I'm will end on the deck with some blueberry wine and bbq'd hamburgers.

Hope everyone had as good a weekend as we did!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

NS = visitors

This lovely flower is just starting to bloom...the first year in our garden. It's called Crocosmia... quite delicate blooms on gladiola-type stalks and leaves.

This past week has been a whirl wind of visitors. One of the wonderful things about living in Nova Scotia is that lots of people want to come to visit! Last Saturday, Julie and her family arrived. Julie is a founding member of the Paws For Charity group that I still am actively involved with, despite selling my dog biscuit business in Feb 2008. Julie owns Chilly Dogs and makes outdoor gear for active dogs... the best quality coats I've ever seen. It was great to see her again, and spend time with her family too. They left on Monday.

On Wednesday, M & M arrived...John's cousin and her husband. They are visiting their son and DIL in another part of Nova Scotia and came over to the South Shore for a couple of days. We toured around Lunenburg, Blue Rocks, Stonehurst, and Mahone Bay on Thursday. They were also there for the drop off of my art for the upcoming Second Story Women's Centre art show. My photo was taken by the local newspaper for a bit of a promo in next week's paper.

M & M left yesterday afternoon, and then we jumped in the car to drive to Halifax to pick up Miss M. Last night was our first sleepover without her mom and dad (DIL and G). We drove G and a friend to the airport...they jetted off to Ontario for a weekend of golf. DIL was stuck working last night and today, so we get the pleasure of Miss M's company. Today we are off to the beach. And...the weather is actually cooperating. Yay!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tree Of Life

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have submitted some artwork for the 2nd annual fundraising art show for the Second Story Women's Centre in Lunenburg. The theme of this year's show is "Colouring Our Roots - Highlighting Our Strengths". Here is the second window I created, called "Tree Of Life":The window I used is from a century old farmhouse in Aulac, New Brunswick. The top of the tree shows the four seasons...from left to right...winter, spring, summer, and fall.I etched the roots of the tree with words that make up the foundation of our lives: laughter, family, friendship, love, determination, strength, hope, faith, vision, knowledge, dream big, believe, imagine, follow your heart, nurture, growth, blossom.The photo on the left shows the etched words. The photo on the right shows the colours of the roots when the light shines through. I'm very happy with how this window turned out!

Title: Tree Of Life
Medium: salvaged window (from Aulac, NB), coloured glass, grout
Price: $300 Size: 36 inches high x 19 inches wide
For Sale at: 117 Pelham St, Lunenburg
(cash or cheque accepted)
Dates: September 10 - October 4
(Thurs, Fri, Sun 12-4, Saturdays 10-4)
Fundraiser: 30% donated to Second Story Women's Centre