Thursday, August 6, 2009

Take a walk with me

We have approximately 15 acres of hay that we don't use. We don't have any farm animals, or any haying equipment. We can't even give the hay away because we can't find anyone who wants to cut it and take it away. This year, we're having some fun with our hayfields. John has been cutting some paths through the fields. This photo is down one of the paths, looking up towards our house: We have a bench sitting beside the island of trees that runs about half way through the hay field.
The view from the bench on a cloudy day. The trees are to the right, and behind is lots more hay field. Around the bend,Walking along the path, the trees and rock pile are to your right. The rock pile is about 10 feet high, 30 feet wide and very, very long.Imagine the original homesteaders picking all those thousands of rocks from the fields. Our 78 year old neighbour remembers being a boy and seeing the "oldtimers" using oxen to pull the rocks from the field.Back up to the house...we've finished the loop of one of our paths!


aliceinparis said...

Great idea! Your house looks grand:)
Next year why not try cutting a labyrinth. One of those walking meditation grids.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

My husband used to do that for the children when they were little; it was so much fun.

We should get together soon! I'll come to you this time.