Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sunny days are here again

Hurricane Bill passed through here on Sunday, and things are back to normal around here once again. We haven't actually seen the sun since Bill visited, but at least the rain and wind are gone. I must say that Bill didn't pack much of a punch. This photo was taken on Saturday, the day before Bill paid us a visit.We thought we might lose our flowers during the storm, so I went around and snapped a few photos. We also put all the "flyable objects" in the shed or Purgatory (our screened in porch). We removed my glass window creations from the trees, put the deck chairs away, and generally removed anything we thought might become a flying object.
It got windy and rainy, but we've had stronger winds and heavier rains before...maybe not for quite as long. The above photo was snapped through one of our living room windows, so it is blurry with rain. The sunflowers are bending a bit, but really it was a non event around here.
Some foolish people went to the shore to watch the raging ocean, which Bill had whipped into a frenzy. One of the people in this house wanted to join in, but one of the other people in this house said they would be making the trip by themselves. Now you'll just have to guess who is the foolish person in this house. Foolish or not, we stayed put. No damage done around here, and now all our flyables are back in their summer places and things are back to normal.
Today, Cassie gets her hair shaved. She's always had a schnauzer cut on her face, but we may just go poodle this time. (she's half Giant Schnauzer and half Standard Poodle) And if we get her hair all shaved off, mine might just follow. The ever present debate...should I grow it out, or cut it off? Heavy decisions indeed.


Julie Magers Soulen said...

So happy to hear the Bill wasn't a dangerous storm for you!


aliceinparis said...

You might have to put everything away again for Danny!
I went out after the warnings were called off and had a marvelous time watching the surf. We were well away from the waves back on a boggy headland. Some people were far too close for my liking, made me very nervous.