Monday, August 3, 2009


I've mentioned before on this blog that there is a barn at the end of our road that houses sheep. I had some fun in the springtime taking photos of baby lambs. I think I've taken more photos of these sheep than anything else this year. I've been trying (unsuccessfully so far) to take a good photo of them standing in the doorway. The darkness of the inside of the barn overexposes the rest of the photo.It's my personal challenge to get off the "automatic" mode on my camera, but I haven't done this yet. Seems my aging brain can't handle processing the information in a manual. I will conquer this someday.
In the meantime, I think the sheep are getting to recognize me. They don't run away anymore when I stop by.And I think John is getting concerned that he might be seeing some additions to our country property in the future.But 1 cat, 2 dogs, and 6 guinea hens are enough for me. No sheep for us. Really.

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