Thursday, August 27, 2009


After we dropped Cassie off to get her hair done in Mahone Bay on Tuesday, we drove down to Hubbards and lunched at Sheilas Too (a fish and chip truck). Then we did a little tour around the Aspotogan Penninsula. One of my favourite spots along this drive is Northwest Cove:Love the yellow of the building, and all the colourful fishing boats. Here is the view from around the bend in the road:
A little further down the road, we jogged off to explore a "new" road for us. This gravel road led us to a new (?) development called The Pointe at Aspotogan. All the roads in this development are quite narrow...a little larger than the width of one vehicle. Most of the lots are undeveloped, but all the roads are paved. (quite an unusual occurance around here....our road is a provincial road and is yet to be paved!) Lots of bends and curves in the road, and you can't see any of the few houses that are there. Then we arrived at this behemoth:We took a drive down, and the building is finished on the outside, but the inside is completely bare and unfinished. The lights around the circular drive and parking lot are rusty. We were wondering what the plans were and why it was stopped? Likely a developer that ran out of money. I couldn't find any information about the building on the website for the development. But I do know that you can purchase a 3 acre lot here for $60,000! (ocean front will run you $95,000)
The views are absolutely breathtaking! I swear, you can see the whole coastline of Nova Scotia...northeast and southwest...from the top of the hills here. If I had a few hundred thousand to throw around, I'd be buying me some of that view and building a hilltop getaway place!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. can you send me the name of a real estate agent who might have info on some of those oceanfront lots? You live in a -beautiful- place.. great photos too!

aliceinparis said...

That huge building was going to be an exclusive luxury spa! I think it was a German developer initially. Everything was top notch. They had Oprah and other hoity toity guests lined up BUT ran out of money and could not get any more investors to finish it:( I thought it had been turned into condos or something but I guess not.

Julie Magers Soulen said...

I love looking at your photography from your neck of the woods. It is so fun!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography