Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lunenburg Wet Paint Sale

I've discovered a new addiction...Wet Paint Sales. I first heard of them last year, and attended the sale in Lunenburg (then known as Paint Sea On Site). A couple of weeks ago, I went to one in Mahone Bay. Yesterday I went to the first day of this year's sale in Lunenburg. The artists paint on site throughout the day, then take their art to the Community Centre. They list a "minimum bid price" and a "buy it now" price for each piece of art. You can "buy it now" at the full asking price until 3:30 pm. Or, you can take your chances and bid by silent auction (increments of $5) until the closing time of 4:30 pm. Any unsold paintings are held over until the next day. Half the funds from this sale go to the artist, the other half is a fund raiser for the gallery. I bought one tiny ink and watercolour yesterday for a measly $15 (makes me feel a little guilty about how little I paid!). I talked to one woman who bid on 4 items, thinking she'd end up with a couple of them but was sheepishly going home with all four because no one outbid her minimum bids. It's great fun!

Below is a scene that I found one artist painting:This is her interpretation. I think the final bid for this piece was $85.

I just might go back today!

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Cynthia said...

Hi there Sharley,

I work for Nova Scotia Tourism. Wonderful blog and art. I just tweeted it out on Twitter. You've done some wonderful work. And how fun is a wet paint sale!