Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wildlife sightings

DIL gave us a few irises last year, and we have a few blooms. I had never been an iris fan, but they are actually quite beautiful.

We've seen lots of wildlife in the past week, and I wanted to post about them before I forget...unfortunately no photographic evidence of the sightings! First, on Saturday, we saw a coyote in our driveway when we were leaving to go to the Branch LaHave Ox Pull. The coyote scurried off the driveway, but stood about 20 feet into the woods and looked back at us. We sat for a few minutes watching. He looked quite healthy...just like out of a picture book...staring back at us through the trees. I think we found the beneficiary of our guinea hen!

We saw a rabbit on our way back from the Ox Pull. DIL and G have lots of bunnies at their place, but we haven't seen any around here.

On Sunday evening, we took a drive to look at a mini barn that was for sale. On our way back, John spotted a fawn on the road. She quickly got off the road, and into the ditch, and promptly laid down. I have never seen such a young fawn in "real life" before. Hopefully her mom was close by to give her a scolding for going on the road.

Tuesday we headed out to Risser's Beach to take the dogs for a run. They have the dunes blocked off with fencing, and just beyond the fence sat a fox. The fox stayed in the same spot as we walked the length of the beach and back. On our way back, we spotted a second fox about 20 feet away from the first fox...much brighter red, and noticeably larger. Perhaps a pair of foxes that had a den of kits? I was wishing for my camera.

Our red tailed hawk has been sighted a few times this week....soaring and diving. It's a thrill every time we see it.

We're so fortunate to live here!

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Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Lucky you guys! I've never seen a coyote; that must have been thrilling.