Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday morning

I haven't been blogging about what's been going on around here lately...having too much fun to sit down and write about it I guess.

Lots of gardening going on. I've gone a little bit shrub crazy (never bought a shrub at our former home) and have planted all of them. Expanded our gardens this year. When we moved here last year, there was not one bit of landscaping. It has been a lot of work to put some gardens in, but it's starting to pay off. I have started a lot of the gardens from seed, which takes longer but is a lot easier on the pocket book! I'll post some garden photos later this summer.

I've been working on some glass windows too....but won't be able to post photos of them for a while because they are gifts!

We're off to Bear River today for lunch....a very nice drive, and we're hoping to score some chocolate peanut butter pie!


Jennifer said...

What a pretty geranium. We saw so many while we were in Germany. Those Germans take their gardening seriously!
Have a lovely day. And a piece of pie for me. Chocolate + peanut butter = heaven!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Chocolate peanut butter pie!!! Where in Bear River? I'll have to check it out!