Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bear River

Yesterday we headed over to Bear River for lunch. Many of the town's waterfront buildings are built on stilts to keep above the high tides of the Fundy tidal system.Our previous visits to Bear River were in off season, so I was happy to finally get a peak in a couple of the interesting shops this time. First, I dropped into Flight of Fancy, a gallery full of treasures made by mostly Maritime artisans.
Notice the cutie-patootie under the display table?
If you know me, you know I LOVE glass...this was one of my favourite pieces in the gallery.This photo is for all ladies with a shoe fetish. These shoes are carved from wood...all one piece, and they are even laced with thread. I can't wear anything above a 2 inch heel myself!We had lunch at the Changing Tides Diner. (sadly, no peanut butter pie was available!) It was a very hot day, and we couldn't leave the dogs in the car. The owner let us bring the dogs with us and we dined on the deck. Both dogs were wonderfully well behaved.

After our lunch, we popped over to the park and I found a treasure...Inn Out of The Fog. First, the gardens were absolutely stunning. My "perfect" garden...full of character and lots of interesting things and flowers to look at. The owner was sitting on the porch, and I confessed I was a garden nut. She kindly took me on a tour of her private gardens...they have a wonderful site on the hill overlooking the river. It was previously a gravel parking lot, and has been created over the past 10 years. (there is hope for my garden yet...I guess I just have to be patient)Aside from the Inn, there are 2 businesses on the ground floor. The Innocent Rose is on the right as you enter and has wonderful vintage items. But the treasure trove is on the left...Oddacity Designs. You'll just have to check her website to see how talented this woman is! Someday, I'd love one of her one-of-a-kind jackets!

I asked for her card, and was given this:Handmade, one of a kind... it says "Grow Daily"....a great motto for all of us to remember (and it will be going on my inspiration board over my computer). You can find this hidden gem next to the windmill in Bear River.

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aliceinparis said...

Bear River is one of my favourite places. So quaint, like a hidden gem. Did you get to the water treatment plant? Like a giant greenhouse. I would have loved that Inn too.