Friday, May 29, 2009

up close & bird brains

Did you know that moss has little blooms in the spring?I didn't know...until I took my camera and my macro lens for a walk down our 1/2 mile long driveway last week. I love working with my macro lens, because it gets me looking at everything a lot differently.However, I need to practice using it because I have a lot of difficulty getting a clear photo. I don't know if it's because my hands shake, or I'm just not used to the lens. But I'm happy to practice!

We had some excitement this week. Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, I woke up at 6:00 to the sounds of scratching and rustling coming from our utility room. Tuesday I tried to figure it out myself. Wednesday morning I woke up John so he could hear it too. We decided something was in the tubing coming from our air exchanger, and after listening for a bit we decided it was a bird. John opened up the air exchanger, but we couldn't see where something would be able to get in or out. A phone call was put in to our plumber/heating guy who sent someone out. Of course, by the time the service guy came there were no sounds to be heard. I was feeling very thankful that I woke John up to listen to the sound, because the service guy was looking at me like I imagined the whole thing. "Are you sure it wasn't the equipment running that you heard?". Then Thursday morning rolled around....6:00 and sure enough the scratching and rustling sounds started up again. I went into the utility room, stood up on a ladder and felt all the tubing. It turns out that it was the dryer tubing that was moving. So, outside I go and what do I see? A bird flying out of the dryer vent. I lugged a ladder around, and stuck my gloved hand into the vent. Aha! A nest was being built inside the vent. So, I pulled out what I could and taped up a temporary cover over the vent. Good thing it's clothesline season...we won't need to run the dryer for a while, and those birds will just have to find a new place to build their home!


aliceinparis said...

I would love to have a macro lens. The pictures are always so interesting. You see things you would never look at! This is the time of year to leave out bits of wool and fluff to help the birds with materials for comfy nests:)

karen said...

Never thought of a macrolens.. love the detail in the little things.. now it's on my list! Great shots. We have birds who insist on building a nest in our front door wreath every year, and inevitably someone forgets to forgo using that door while they are in residence- despite SIGNS! - and the poor eggs don't last a week.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

What beautiful photos, especially the moss flowers. I didn't know that about moss. As my back "lawn" has a lot of moss (and I'm trying to encourage more to grow), I'll have a little more respect for it.