Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LaHave Bakery

LaHave Bakery is one of my favourite places on the South Shore. John and I often take the dogs for a run on Risser's Beach, or a long walk along Crescent Beach, and then stop in at the LaHave Bakery.The menu is short, but the food is fresh and delicious. Fresh baked bread and cookies and squares. All kinds of jams and spreads available. In the colder months, we eat inside the bakery. When it's warm, we eat on some seats at the end of the dock, or take a picnic to the beach. Not only do I like the food, but the character of the building and decor are just what I like...lots to look at and lots of history there.Notice that the man in the photo below is working in front of the same backdrop as the photo above.Another of my favourite features at the bakery...a shelf of books to take for free.I have some books at home I must remember to take and drop off at the bakery next time we go by.

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aliceinparis said...

I cannot believe I have never been there! I think once maybe and it was closed:(
This summer for sure! Great pics:)