Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guinea Hens, etc

This morning there was not a cloud in the sky. I let the dogs out, then the guinea hens, then sat on the picnic table enjoying the sunshine and the sounds of the morning. Doves cooing on the hydro lines, a woodpecker busily working in the distance, one or more hummingbirds buzzing around the newly put out feeders, and the guineas hard at work.They have been doing a great job at eating the ticks. We've had to remove a few ticks from the dogs, and a couple from us as well, but this is an outstanding result compared to last year. I have been gardening non stop for the past several days, and never a tick was seen. Yay! The dogs seem to pick up a tick now and then when we go to get the paper. But brushing them when we return seems to do the trick, and of course our handy little tweezers from Lee Valley Tools work magic on any ticks that grab hold. (although Cassie does not like seeing the tweezers come out after our session last year trying to remove porcupine quills from her nose).The hens tend to stick together, and work most of the time in a line cruising the property for bugs. They circle the house several times, and then head off to the hill with the apple trees, then down to the lower field and pond area.

They are a nuisance to my flower gardens, though, and many times I'm sure the neighbours many miles away can hear me yelling "get out of there!". Funny...the hens seem to know what I'm yelling about and they squawk and talk back, but move on. Many of the flower gardens have chicken wire laying over them to discourage the guineas from taking their dirt baths in the gardens.

Today is one of those days that everything seems wonderful. Even the thought of driving into town and grocery shopping appeals to me!

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aliceinparis said...

How fun to see them!!! I was actually thinking about your hens the other day and wondering if they were doing their job. I am surprised that there aren't more people keeping them for tick control.