Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flowering shrubs

I've been admiring these flowering trees as we drive around...lovely large trees with tiny white flowers. Then I actually looked around our own property and discovered we have many of these trees! I'm not sure what they are...does anyone know? The above photo is a close up of the flowers.

On Sunday there was an article in the newspaper about Magnolias (seemed to continue our Magnolia theme from Saturday). The article mentioned the Bayport Plant Farm, just outside Lunenburg and said they had a terrific range of magnolias. I decided to take a jaunt down there. John had to stay at home to wait for our garden tractor to be picked up for servicing, so I was on my own. A beautiful drive down the LaHave River, to the tunes of Petula Clarke (yes, I am weird). There was one woman working at the Bayport Plant Farm, and she was a fountain of gardening knowledge. After a very lengthy conversation, and walking throughout the property looking at full grown magnolias, I came home with this:
Not a magnolia, but a PJM Rhododendron. I decided that I'd much rather admire everyone else's magnolias than struggle and fiddle trying to make one grow myself. And isn't my PJM Rhodo lovely? Off to plant it now.

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