Monday, May 4, 2009

Around the yard

I'm a little behind in my blogging. These are images from last weekend (the last weekend in April...not the first weekend in May). John and I did some work outside. Here are the vegetable gardens...all ready and waiting to be planted.There is a local lumber yard that gives away wood shavings every Saturday morning. The free shavings come in handy for mulch and for the guinea hen coop. We also put solar lights along our driveway:I'd like to have some of these through the woods as well, but there's not enough sunlight during the day to light them up at night.John rehung some windows for me. We had a wicked wind storm a couple of days before Christmas...gale force winds...which blew two of my stained glass windows down. One was beyond repair, but the orange one landed just right so there was no damage. We took them in for the rest of the winter.This window was previously just sitting around in my studio. I added some grout and John hung it for me to replace the broken one.
I like the way the grout looks...the pieces of glass are more defined. I have 3 window frames almost ready (sanded, repainted, etc). I usually don't repaint the frames, but these frames were very damaged and needed some TLC. So....soon I'll be able to create some new windows.


Jennifer said...

I love the idea of hanging your windows amidst the trees. Very pretty.
Can't wait to see what the gardens yield...

Christine said...

The windows you make are really beautiful!