Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Signs of Spring

Despite the fact that we woke up to a snow covered world on Monday, we are back to Spring. It's lovely blue skies and sunshine today, and only a few dots of snow left in the woods. These guys live at the red barn I posted photos of a while back.The lambs are just too cute for words. I wasn't fast enough to capture the lambs running and twisting and jumping in the air. Another sign of spring is that the birds are starting to return. The crows stayed all winter, but we've had blue jays and robins back for a couple of weeks. The song birds are starting to come now. We've also had an unintentional visitor...3 days ago a bird dropped down our chimney. He was stuck inside our wood stove. Our stove pipe does not open up right into our stove. There is a cast iron panel that covers the end of the stove pipe and the panel has narrow openings all the way around. We did have a bird get inside last fall, but he managed to squeeze himself out of the stove pipe and into the stove after several days, and we got him out of the stove and released him. We never did figure out how to open up the panel so that we could rescue him sooner.So we spent two days listening to the bird scrabble around inside the stove pipe, trying to get out. He could get his head down into the stove, but not his whole body. I couldn't get my whole hand inside to pull him out. The worst part was listening to him keening. We felt miserable and tried several times to pull the top off the stove. Finally last night, John figured out how to undo the stove pipe from the stove and push the pipe up so we could make our rescue. I covered the whole in the top of the stove with a tea towel, and wrapped my hands around the bird...took him over to the window and released him. And guess what? We actually had TWO visitors! There were two birds stuck in there. So, we repeated the process and I released the second bird.

I don't know if the birds were celebrating, but we were! I love happy endings.


Jennifer said...

I love happy endings too! I'm so glad you and John figured it out. I'm sure the birds appreciated it :-)

That lamb has got to be one of the cutest things ever. I've never seen one in real life. I swear, if I had a farm with animals, I'd turn into a vegetarian. Who could eat that sweet little animal? (Though I don't eat lamb anyway. Or veal.)

aliceinparis said...

I am so glad you managed to free them! How scary for the wee things.
Yes, Spring is starting to show herself! Love the last picture of the sheep and lamb