Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photo Competition

I entered my first photo competition at the Photo Club last night. It was a competition for new members, and we were to submit six photos. I was very nervous...silly, I know. Top score available is 15. Here are the photos I submitted: The top 3 photos all scored 12/15. Wagon from the Aspotogan Penninsula (the wagon is now gone...the victim of a bonfire), Marigold with raindrops, and the red barn from the end of our road (where the sheep in my recent blog photos live).
These two photos each scored 13/15. Our cat phantom in the screened in porch...loved how the screen framed his shadow. And a mushroom from our driveway last summer.

My puffins scored 14/15.


Jennifer said...

Well done, you!
Congratulations on overcoming your fear and on the EXCELLENT scores your photos received.

aliceinparis said...

Good job! All great pictures! I love the marigold.

Grant said...

I had all the confidence in your ability and I am so glad you entered. Your work is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! As I've told you many have a wonderful talent! I love your eye.
Everyone: Sara also has other marigold pics....and I can look at them for hours. I see something new in them each time. What I found fascinating last time is that I could see her image in a drop of rain on a petal.
I cannot wait until you present your puffin ensemble you worked on. I know your club will LOVE it!