Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ATV ride

Our next door neighbour owns 300 acres, and his land surrounds us. He and his wife are in their late 70's and they put us to shame with the amount of work they do. He manages his wood lot, grows 30,000 Christmas trees and shears them all by hand, and supplies many people with fire wood (cut himself). He has some trails through the forest and has told us we can check them out on our ATV. So we did on Sunday. These pines are sooooo tall, and according to our neighbour they are over 100 years old. It was beautiful going through there. I was glad John was driving, because that meant I got to look up the whole time. At the end of the trail we found this:
A little creepy. Five skulls all lined up at the base of a tree. It was a mystery that was solved next time we saw our neighbour.
His sons got the skulls from a butcher years ago, and used them to trap coyotes and bear.

Yikes, bear! Hope if I see one, it's from a distance. Our neighbour says, "Oh, yeah, there's lots of bear around. Most likely you won't see them. But they'll see you." That gives me some reassurance. Ha!


Jennifer said...

Bears? Oh, boy!
I love tall trees like that. Old growth trees are so special. What a nice neighbor you have!

aliceinparis said...

I love looking up through the trees too. Those skulls look kind of cool.