Monday, April 20, 2009

Artist Profile: Dan Felstead

Another featured artist from the 2009 Paws For Charity Art Book Project

Dan Felstead

Dan has been attached at the hip to a camera - digital and film - since the early 70's. His freelance work has taken him to weddings, portraits, news journalism, and travel. Now he is finally getting to take the photos that mean something to him.

Dan's photo entitled "Lifelong Friends" is on page 6 of the 2009 Paws For Charity Art Book. I selected this photo for the book because I just loved the look in the hound's eye as well as the human connection.
Here is the story behind the photo, written by Dan:

While at an outdoor festival, I noticed the basset following his owner. The crowded venue had the basset side stepping human feet at every turn. Huddled close to his owners legs, it was as if he knew that his friend would keep him safe and lead him to a safe spot away from the crowd. Once they reached a safe distance from the noisy bustling horde, his friend reached down with a loving, reassuring hand to signal "it's ok". A dog's voice is in his eyes, ears and tail. All three responded with admiration...eyes fixed on his friend, ears back and tail sweeping the sidewalk clean in a 180 degree semi circle.
During the rest of the day as I walked the festival searching for more images, I looked for another couple who publicly exhibited this bond of natural unconditional love...they were nowhere to be found.

You can purchase Dan's photos at And you really must check out his blog for some fantastic photos and narratives...

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