Sunday, March 8, 2009

This and That

Thanks to everyone for leaving such kind and thoughtful comments on my previous post. We have been reminiscing this week, and thinking back on all the good times we had with our Cinder...definitely helps us to get through the rough times.

But...some good things did happen last week. First, our son Cody called with some great news.For those of you who don't know, Cody is living in the big city of Toronto and is trying to break into acting. He had his first paid acting job last week! He spent a day filming a commercial...he had auditioned for the lead roles, but was only cast as an extra. But, hey, he was paid more than he receives for more than 3 days work at his regular job. And he got to see how a commercial is put together. If we actually want to see the commercial, we'll have to fly over to England. Apparently it is a pop commercial that will be released in the theatres in England. Don't ask me why! A step in the right direction as far as an acting career goes.
After my emotional blog posting on Thursday, we headed out on a drive with our 2 dogs. It was glorious and sunny, but cold and blowing. We stopped at Beach Meadows Beach and let the dogs have a run. They had so much fun, and it was great to watch. Thank you, John, for dragging me out. You always know exactly what I need.

And...look what came in the mail:My One World, One Heart gift all the way from Char in Oregon. The album is made with the most beautiful papers...burgandies, greens, and golds. Char calls it a flip flop album, and it folds out to about 3 feet wide with several magnetic sections to keep all sorts of goodies. She promises a tutorial about how to make your own flip flop album, so make sure you check out her blog. Thanks Char, it's beautiful!

The Paws for Charity Art Book project is coming along well. February 28th was the last day for accepting submissions. What a great success for my first year doing this...99 submissions were received (I originally thought the total was 93, but miscounted) All the participants have been contacted (I hope) and I'm working on putting the book together. It's going to be great!

One last good thing happened to round out the week. The library called to tell me one of my reserved books was ready. It's a new release, so I only have the book for 7 days. It's the new book by Maeve Binchy, one of my favourite authors. You can always count on Maeve for a feel good read....something good for me to tuck into for the next couple of days. Speaking of which...I think I have some reading to do...


aliceinparis said...

I'm glad you are starting to feel a bit better. Such a hard blow.:(
Congrats on your son's first step! He's got a great face:)
I just read that book. From the library too. I'm a big library fan. I don't know what I would do without it. Maeve always weaves a great tale full of people and their stories.
Yesterday was a wonderful day to get out.
Cheers, Shelagh

Jennifer said...

Sunshine and the ocean - sure-fire mood lifters. Glad you listened to John.
Congrats to your HANDSOME son on his first paid gig.
I love Maeve Binchy. I'll have to get that book from my library.
I like Rosamunde Pilcher also. Two women who write books you can completely lose yourself in on a cold winter day.