Sunday, March 1, 2009

Peggy's Cove #2

William E. deGarthe was an artist and sculptor who lived in Peggy's Cove. The gallery is open from May to October. Love this sculpture with the all the fishermen and angel watching over them. The sculpture is huge, and cut right into the rock beside the gallery. Here is some detail:Just down the road from Peggy's Cove at Whalesback is the Swissair Flight 111 Memorial. Here are the details from the info board in the parking lot:
"The communities of Peggys Cove and Blandford were central to the recovery operation following the crash of Swissair Flight 111. The Whalesback and Bayswater Beach sites were chosen for their proximity to those communities and because they have view lines to the crash site and each other.
The Three sites combined - Whalesback, Bayswater, and the actual crash site - make a triangular shape, which is reflected in the design of the memorials. Whalesback is at the eastern tip of triangle. As you stand at the monument, facing the ocean, the line on your right is a sight line to Bayswater Beach. The line on your left leads to the crash site, which lies on the horizon.
At the request of family and community members, the quiet, modest memorials are consistent with the coastal environment. The names of the passengers and crew are inscribed at the burial site at Bayswater." "In memory of the 229 men, women and children aboard Swissair Flight 111 who perished off these shores September 2, 1998. They have been joined to the sea and the sky. May they rest in peace."The facing stone says:

"In grateful recognition of all those who worked tirelessly to provide assistance in the recovery operations and comfort to the families and their friends during a time of distress."

The land is barren and desolate. I was alone at the memorial taking these photos, with just the sounds of the ocean and the seagulls. All I could feel was a deep sadness.

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Jennifer said...

It is stark - and the cold blue sky and sea and the snow on the scrubby land makes it more so.
Beautiful photos, Sara.