Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More this and that

Yesterday we headed over to the Fundy side of Nova Scotia and visited with some relatives of John's for lunch....a very nice young couple who are the son and daughter in law of John's cousin. Now does this make them John's second cousins, or first cousins once removed? I never did understand that whole cousin thing. Anyway, it was a lovely visit and we didn't arrive home until 6:00. Not much work got done yesterday.

Today, yet another physio appointment. But a big surprise today. I have a new physiotherapist (she's not new, but she's new to me...my previous physiotherapist decided it was time to have her baby). Sue tells me that my arm is much worse than when I started and my movement is much more restricted. (this is what I kept trying to tell the previous person, but she kept assuring me everything was going along as it should). I have now been told to do no exercises for the next two weeks, and no physio appointments. She sent an email to my doctor saying I need to see an orthopedic (sp?) doctor asap. Well, my doctor has been trying to get me an appointment for the past 2 months so we'll see how that goes.

Tonight is a photo club meeting and I'll see the results of a photo challenge. We were to take photos that illustrate the lines from 10 songs. I didn't complete the challenge (I think I got 4 I was happy with) so maybe I'll get to judge everyone else's submissions...they always have a hard time getting judges. Here is my photo for "Signs, signs, everywhere signs..."
Not my usual type of photo, but one of the reasons I joined the photo club was to stretch myself a bit.


Jennifer said...

Now, I'll have that song in my head all day!
I like the photo. It's all about branching out and changing perspective, right?
I like that there is a bit of a blur of motion.
So sorry about your shoulder / arm. Here's hoping for some answers and some relief.

ostrich girl said...

Hey Sara is it too late to get art to you for the "paws for charity" book? Let me know, and keep me in your thoghts for the future!