Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Life of Riley

I wonder who Riley is, and what makes his life so good? Well, I don't know about Riley, but I do know that life around our place is good...for the animals, at least. I had to take this is a first. Usually we keep the door to our bedroom latched with a hook to give a big enough space for the cat to get in (our bedroom is attached to a bathroom, which in turn is attached to a utility room...which is the cat's room). On this day, the door wasn't latched so Cassie decided she'd sneak in and join the cat on our bed. Phantom wasn't too concerned. As you can see, he gave a great big yawn as I snapped the photo.

Life around here is good for us too, not just for our animals. Today I headed out to the studio to work on some windows for my glass art. The only windows I have left to work on are in very poor condition. They need to be sanded and recaulked and painted before I can start working with the coloured glass. So today was sanding and caulking day. Several of the windows have panes that are completely dislodged, and I couldn't get the glass back in place. Somehow I have to find a new supply of old wooden windows. Mission for John.

I've also been working on finishing up the Paws for Charity Art Book. Everything is put together and ready to upload, with the exception of my intro page. I'm having a tough time with it. (Thanks, Jennifer, for your input). I need to have it finished tomorrow...we're heading to G and DIL's place on Saturday and I'll be using their high speed internet access to upload the book file.
I was working on the book yesterday too, which brings me to a funny story...

Yesterday I decided to make a salad for our lunch. I popped some eggs on the stove to boil, and ran upstairs to quickly check my email. I received quite a few emails from the Art Book participants and got totally distracted. A while later, I heard a big bang and jumped up to run downstairs thinking my egg water had boiled over. Well, the water didn't run over. They had been on the stove for so long that the water had boiled away...two of the eggs had burnt to the bottom of the pot...and one egg exploded, throwing off the pot lid. Egg and egg shell was all over the floor and the dogs were trying their best to eat it. John had made it there before me, and started cleaning up. John: "how long did you have the eggs on for?" Sara: "um, quite a while. 45 or 50 minutes?" Yikes. No more quick email checks for me! The funniest part? John put more eggs on the stove and hard boiled them, and called me when they were ready to put into the salad. The eggs had been cooling for 10 minutes and I looked over to see that he had left the burner turned on! Good thing we have each other to muddle through together.


Jennifer said...

Glad to help. I'm glad you didn't think I mucked it up!
I haven't done that with eggs, but I have done it with rice. Had to throw the pot away and it took forever for the smell of burned rice to go away.
LOVE the photo of your creatures :-)

aliceinparis said...

Yikes! I've done that before too, run in to check the computer forget about the stove and come back to almost near disaster!!! I am thinking I should have a small timer and carry it with me so I cannot forget!
You cat and dog look so cosy:)

mkcphotography said...

LOL, Sara! I've done the same thing, but with bottles I was sterilizing when my son was a newborn...the lingering smell of melted plastic? yummy...
Love the pic of the furry ones - very sweet :-)

Christine said...

I hope you have good smoke detectore with the two of you around!!! lol