Friday, February 6, 2009

This and That

These are what's left of our Amaryllis plants. Both of them bloomed beautifully in December...just in time for our Christmas visitors.Today seems a good day for updates.

First, my frozen shoulder. Unfortunately, it's still frozen. In fact...getting a little worse despite physio a couple of times each week and a daily exercise regime. A lot less mobility in my left arm, but we'll keep plugging away. I am hoping, really hoping that everything is back to normal by gardening time. That's a long way away, so fingers crossed on that score.

Next, the One World One Heart event. Wow. What can I say? This is the third year for the event (my first year participating). First year, there were 85 participants, then 426 last year. This year...911! Bloggers from all over the world are giving things away. You have until February 11th to visit them and post a comment. Last count, I think there were 162 comments on my giveaway post. I've visited some of the participants and have been amazed at the artistic talent out there. One of the participants is submitting a piece of art for my Art Book project!Benedetta is creating a brand new piece of art specifically for my Paws for Charity breast cancer fundraiser project.
Anyone have a name suggestion for this art book? I'm drawing a blank.
Anyway, I'm excited to say that I've received emails from quite a few people wanting to be involved. So far there seems to be a good mix of photographers and artists, dogs & cats. I'm very excited and look forward to sharing some of the images and artists with you in the coming months.

One last bit of excitement for poppy painting on Ebay was sold! It has been shipped off to it's new owner.

Enough with the updates. Tomorrow we're off on a new adventure. We'll be meeting G,DIL, and Miss M in the big city for the Farmer's Market. Looking forward to it!


aliceinparis said...

Hooray for eBay sales! Now you'll be hooked:))

Kathy said...

The poppy is beautiful! Congrats on the sale