Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One World One Heart Wrap Up

Finally, finally my photos are on the way to the winner of my One World, One Heart draw.

Nancy selected her choice of 3 photos from my etsy shop:
Forgotten, Doilies & Icebergs, Touch of Blue
First there was a snowstorm, then the machine at the Photo Lab was broken, then one of the enlargements came back with a spot on it. What else could go wrong? But now they are all ready to be put in the mail.
And looky, looky what I got from Nancy! A lovely taken and card made by Nancy herself. I love the detailing on the card....the photo here doesn't do it justice. It has lovely red paper stitched over the angel photo. And boy, do I love to receive things in the mail! Thanks so much Nancy. You are one talented lady. Hope you enjoy your little gifties too!
Make sure you check out The Evolution of Nancy when you get a'll be glad you did!


nancy said...

Hey Sara, so glad it arrive and thankyou for you kind words.
i can't wait for my pictures to arrive and i know i will enjoy them very much,nancy

Jennifer said...

Nancy picked some of my faves.
Don't you love her work? Such a creative soul.
OWOH was a fun way to "meet" people around the world.