Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Early morning and yesterday afternoon

What a difference a day makes. As mentioned in yesterday's post, I rose with the dawn (not too hard to do in mid winter as dawn shows up rather late at this time of year) to take some photos. It was a lovely morning, with a few brave birds chirping and not another sound around.A far cry from today...it has been snowing hard for six hours...so hard that you can barely see out the window. No drive into town today for my physio appointment. And we might just be snowbound tomorrow. Can you see the line of mist through the trees? There is a lake down there. At this time of year we have a "lake view". Some people can see the lake (a very few) through our trees. Most people try to peer through the trees, squint their eyes, and can't see it. Too bad we can't convince the neighbours to cut down a few trees. Oh well, I know it's there.One of my devoted readers (aka husband John) has brought it to my attention that I left out an important part of the story in describing our afternoon at Risser's Beach yesterday.As mentioned in yesterday's post, it was a glorious day full of beach and sunshine and crashing waves. I was feeling happy and ran up to John from behind. My intention was to give him a big hug. So I bounded over (not at a full out run, but as close to that as I ever get) jumped up to put my right arm around him (my left arm still being frozen and I can't lift it that high) and instead of a big hug....I walloped him in the face with my right hand. Whoops. The story is getting a little exaggerated, with John talking about having to pick himself up off the beach after getting slugged. So I just thought I better beat him to it and get the story out. (ha, beat him to it...get it?)


Jennifer said...

Beautiful photos. I can't even imagine that kind of snow.

Amazing the difference between the photos on Monday and these!

Funny story about you clocking your sweet husband :-)

julia said...

*chuckle* Your photos are beautiful.
And I was wondering about that getting up at dawn, but what I read here is reassuring.