Thursday, February 5, 2009

Close to home

Last year, when we were telling people that we were moving from Ontario to Nova Scotia, the first question always asked was "oh, will you be living on the ocean?". No. We live in "the country". But did you know that every single place in Nova Scotia is no more than 50 kilometers from the ocean? We actually live just a short drive away from many spectacular beaches.

But, we do live in the country. And it has a beauty all it's own. When we drive home from our nearest town (15 kilometers away)...and we turn onto the road we live on....this is the first thing we see.This red barn sits almost on top of the gravel road. And this red barn means that we are just a short drive away from home.
There are always sheep around, and this day was no exception. One day when we drove by, there was a sheep just inside the door, peering out. Of course, I didn't have my camera with me. I would have loved that shot.The sheep are looking at our car. Cassie and Mulligan were with us, and Cassie was barking like crazy. John pulled ahead so that the barn blocked her view of the sheep. Notice the ram in the back? As I moved around to take the photos, the ram moved too. He made sure that he kept all "the girls" between him and me! Not very gentlemanly, I'd say.


Jennifer said...

Sara, you keep posting photos like this and Nova Scotia will start to compete with Oregon in the "Were will we live after the Air Force?" discussion!
It's so beautiful. I wonder how many people from the US retire in Canada.

aliceinparis said...

What a lovely road and red barn. Love that red barn. I like that it signifies "home is near". Fun to have a flock of sheep so near by. I am going to have to come and visit you this summer!!!!

Gifted Typist said...

lovely nostalgic shot of the snow-covered road leading to the red barn.

Christine said...

I just have to ask...are you anywhere near where they shoot Trailer Park Boys?