Friday, January 9, 2009

The story of Unusual Friends

I have tried to do a little painting over the past few years, but I am determined to try a lot more this year. I tend to be afraid to try. I'm not really sure why. Fear of failure? Not living up to my expectations? I lack patience and "stick to it-tive ness". Mostly I expect to be good without practicing (echoes of my piano playing 35 years ago).

Yesterday I put together a couple of simplistic paintings. My first attempt is below..."Unusual Friends". Can you see the wee mouse on the teacup? This painting is inspired by the fact that we seem to have at least one mouse in our house, despite all attempts to rid ourselves of these varmints. I have been hearing it sometimes in the middle of the night...running in our walls. John was in the kitchen the other day and we were talking about mice and how to go about getting rid of it/them. "There's one right here!" he exclaims, and there the mouse was....sitting there just as plain as can be right by the kitchen stove. Ugh. I have no idea where it disappeared to. Try as I could, I couldn't find any holes it would have gone through.

Just a reminder...we have a cat and 3 dogs! You think at least one of them could catch a little critter.I like the second attempt much better. Both paintings were done using acrylic paint on 5 x 7 paper.


Jennifer said...

I like them very much. Bright and cheerful.
I guess we need to encourage each other to abandon that fear of failure thing, right?
Practice, practice, practice!

aliceinparis said...

Bravo! Love that wee mouse. They are so bright and quirky. Reminds me of my paintings:))
Cheers, Shelagh

julia said...

I like your painting. And the mouse story is very funny. We seem to have rats in the stables, again. At night I hear them hustling about and according to the weight of their footsteps they're huge. So I guess we can conclude that having lots of dogs (we have four at the moment and the cat Minus) isn't a guarantee for a critter-free house (contradiction in terms, now that I read the sentence again).

Angelique said... I missed this post too!!!! HOW CUTE!! I love the paintings. I'm on my way to your shop now.

Angelique said...

:-) the first painting is now mine. I can't wait to get it!