Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shack Wacky

Shack expression we heard on the news the other night which I've never heard before and struck me as extremely funny. Perhaps I should have been shack wacky after spending 3 days at home, venturing out only to walk the dogs to get the morning paper or feed and water the hens. Shack Wacky isn't in our Nova Scotia phrase book, but I take it to mean gone silly after spending too much time indoors.

We were not shack wacky, but headed out yesterday nonetheless. The morning started like this:And really, how can you spend such a glorious day indoors? We headed out towards Liverpool down the "quick highway" and meandered back on the slow route along the coast. Our first photo stop was the West Berlin Wharf, down a road we'd not been on before.Then on to Port Medway, where we have been before only in much warmer weather. This building still intrigues me:It hasn't changed since last summer. The lower blinds are still drawn, and the same tarp covered items are on the porch. There is a building permit in the window, but it's blank and undated. The weathered building and abandoned boat look sad to me.But the blue glass collection in the window adds some cheer.Maybe we'll solve the mystery some day.

Further down the road I stopped to take some photos of the ice. It was totally silent. Not a soul around and the only thing I could hear was the ice cracking.My navigating sent us down a very narrow lane. Despite the road map telling us we'd join back up with the Lighthouse Route, we turned around and retraced our steps. On to Vogler's Cove. Last time we were on this wharf, it was foggy and warm. Bright colours today, but cold, cold, cold. Fishermen were working and all I could think about was how cold it must be out on the water pulling up traps. I just couldn't imagine the cold.Our last stop was Crescent Beach. The tide was up, and it was late in the day. Time to head back home. A great first day of exploring familiar places and new discoveries for 2009.


Jennifer said...

What a great day you had, traveling about with your husband and taking beautiful photos.
I love the shape of the second floor windows in that house. Let us know if you solve the mystery!

aliceinparis said...

I bet someone "from away" owns that place and is dreaming of coming back to work on it.
Nova Scotia is pretty all year round:)
Cheers, Shelagh

Anonymous said...'s confirmed. Shack Wacky MUST be from here. One of the girls at work was saying she went to the movies this season as she was going "shack wacky" and needed to get out of the house.