Thursday, January 8, 2009

Photo Books

Here is one last Christmas gift that I'll share with you. I made a couple of photo books to give. One book was for Miss M, and had photos of all our adventures with her in 2008. I don't know how thrilled a seven year old is with a photo book, but years from now when all her toys are forgotten, I'm sure she'll love to look at these memories. The other book was for John, and was filled with photos of our first 7 months in Nova Scotia. There are many book making sites on the web. I used and was very happy with the quality of the books...both the photos and the paper. Above is the cover of John's book: "Making the move from country to "real country". Our first year in Nova Scotia". The cover photo was taken the first day after we arrived in Nova Scotia...our first visit to our new home (10 days before our furniture arrived)
This is the inside cover photo...a shot of our home from the hayfield. The shed is to the left (with my "studio" on the second story). The shed and home are connected by a screened in porch.This page was devoted to our guinea hens...raising the hens from day old chicks was quite an adventure for 2 "city folks", and a real introduction to country living. When you make a photo book, you can choose the page layout you want, with or without text that you add. I chose to just use photos with no text. I used several photo layouts...some pages with up to six photos, some pages with only one photo.This spread covered our travelling adventures throughout the summer. Top row (from left to right): me in front of scallop boats in Digby, Stonehurst, a fishing stage just outside of Blue Rocks, John talking to a tugboat captain in Lunenburg. Middle Row (l to r): chasing tall ships outside of Lunenburg, John at Beach Meadows Beach, me at Beach Meadows Beach, the boardwalk at Risser's Beach. Bottom Row (l to r): Fishing boats at Vogler's Cove, our first horse pull at Conquerall Mills, John at the Rope Loft Restaurant in Chester, buoys.
Each book had 20 pages. Some of the other page themes from John's book: Moving from Ontario to Nova Scotia, our 4 animals, our family, our visitors, apple trees, adventures at Crescent Beach, LaHave Bakery, scenery.
I think photo books might be my answer to how to weed through the thousands of photos I take each year. Digital photography really changed the way I take pictures. When I used film, I always "waited until the right moment" to take a photo and often missed some good shots. With digital photography, I tend to take too many photos! All those photos just sit on my computer. I think if I print one photo book each year, I'll print my favourite shots and have some memories on hand to refer back to now and then.
My next photo adventures: joining the local photography club. Stay tuned!


aliceinparis said...

What a great book! Great idea. I have heard good things about Blurb. That book will become a treasured memento. Thanks for the Happy day wishes:)

Jennifer said...

That really did turn out beautifully. Your house looks amazing. You really are all alone out there, aren't you?

I guess I'll be giving blurb a try!

Christine said...

Great idea! I would do this too if I knew the people I would give it to would appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

In answer to Christine's comment. We LOVE Sara's books!! She gave Miss M. one for her first 5 years of life (Sara can correct me on the Miss M has her book squirreled away in her room at the moment). She LOVES the books and looks at them often. We look at them together and reminisce. She tells me stories of the fun and adventures she has with Bama and Baba. They are very special to us as Sara has captured many of our life events. Such as the first time they met, held and had alone time with Miss M. The quality of the books is good and I think they will be durable enough to last...the first book has survived 2 years and is still in great shape.
Happy New Year to you all!

martha brown said...

My Parents B&B was in Voglers Cove -- I've been all of these places--