Thursday, January 29, 2009

Paws for Charity

You may or may not know that I owned a dog biscuit business in Ontario for 10 years. In 2006, I worked with 3 other women who owned dog related businesses to create Paws For Charity. We all had products that we sold, with part of our profits going to breast cancer research. Over 2 years, we raised thousands of dollars. It was great to be involved with these women, and the synergy inspired us in our own businesses as well.

When I sold my business and moved to Nova Scotia last year, Paws For Charity went into limbo. Now we're going to ramp it up again and see what we can accomplish.

Our focus is still the same...taking our love for our animals and raising funds for charity.

We're going to be working on several projects this year, for several charities.

I don't own a dog business anymore, but I'm still a dog lover (and a cat lover too!) We own 1 cat and 3 dogs....well, it's more like they own us.

I'll be announcing my project tomorrow and hope I can create enough interest to get it off the ground (hint: I'm looking for artists and photographers). If you want to read more about our original Paws For Charity group, there was an article published on the ezine Women Can Do Anything and you can read it at this link.

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Angelique said...

yay!!! I'm so happy Paws for Charity is coming back. Let me know if I can contribute! :-) I think it is such an awesome cause!!!